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Instead of playing any arbitrary sport – commit yourself to Episode

Episode is an intriguing blend of a visible novel and teenage life simulator, which lets you explore the thickness of drama, unshared enjoy, affectionate relationship, back stabbing and more. With Episode, made for cell platforms (which includes Android), you can forge your own love play.


Episode features tens of thousands of working scenarios: some were compiled from the studio and other from the enthusiast episode hack. The most Well-known kinds are:

I married a priest. You, as a kid of a very commendable and older family members, have been promised to the heir for the throne because of his future spouse. Can the appreciate spark in between you and him?

Poor Boy’s Woman. Your character has just had a crush on Jay for years now. However, all of the sudden his half-brother yields from another town and combines your class. What twist would the story take in that point?

Launched with a lie. Falling inlove along with exploring a murder puzzle entirely intertwine, even though press follows wherever you go.

It began with a Bra. Well, it’d much better be researched personally.

In Episode game you’re granted entire freedom of customizing looks of both your avatar as well as your own crush. Skin color & complexion, hairstyle, clothing products, build and body, facial attributes – design the interest of your fantasy!

Once the personality type is finished, you can become right into the actions and live throughout every single circumstance you prefer. Exercise trashtalking, compete along your crush’s awareness, make pals and reveal the authentic hues of individuals who betrayed you… each and every decision in Episode can affect the outcome of the entire story one manner or another. So you can replay them before all of the endings potential are successfully unlocked.

Besides you can be a author/director within this game as well. Concoct a plot, make characters with characters that are unique. Throw in this particular cocktail a bizarre plot having a couple unexpected twists. And obviously don’t overlook the X-factor, that will cause this wild blend burst – romance.

Once your circumstance is complete and polished, it is possible to share it on line with the supporter network: around one hundred million people enjoy Episode’s stories.


Episode is technically a collection of interactive graphic books. Along with its 2 d art style is very decent and amazing. It’s a tinge of gloss and glamour, that might be so critical in the drama/love experiences, comprising youngsters go here. Cutscenes and dialogues are quite smooth and also don ‘t really stutter and overall Episode looks and seems very solid.


The game doesn’t require a lot many frequent expressions from you. Just select a phrase you desire your character to express , do swiping/tapping if looking a fresh outfit/hairstyle out and you also ‘ll be helpful. Other than which you’re maybe not engaged directly in the game’s actions.